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 Leaving the existing logo untouched, a tag line was developed and marketing and sales collateral was redesigned to add some energy and vitality to the brand. The level of quality and personal service offered has been highlighted through photography and supplementary design. A schedule of concentrated direct marketing initiatives (both traditional and digital) was implemented, creating a major point of difference within their industry sector. 

Photography was commissioned to visually drive the ‘look and f eel’ of a new website. A key cornerstone being a comprehensive product library, which is driving traffic to the site and building TransChem’s reputation as a market leader.

Scope: Branding, collateral materials, content, product releases, merchandise, presentations, video and website

Industry: Importer, raw ingredients for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food and beverage

Fast establishing itself as a global leader, the branding required a tag line to help position them in the market as an aspirational product. A series of sub-brands were created to signify key market differentiators. Brochures and signage for major international exhibitions were delivered, along with a series of videos on how to assemble the product. A new website was built to focus on changing the way products of this nature are marketed. 

Targeting resellers, there is considerable functionality accessible only to approved businesses.

Scope: Branding, website, signage, brochure and social media

Industry: Funeral, Customised Casket and Coffin manufacturing

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